Hardwood Floor For Kitchen: Pros & Cons of Installing Hardwood in Kitchen

Are you looking for the most attractive kitchen flooring materials that can add real estate value to your home? Hardwood flooring is easy to clean, in a jiffy, kid and pet friendly, warm and beautiful! Definitely, hardwood floor is one of the best flooring options for your kitchen.

However, it is hard to avoid hearing many doubts that hardwood is not a good option for wet areas of your home. Let’s get into the details, and discuss hardwood flooring types, cost, features, and pros & cons.

Modern hardwood floor for kitchen

Types of Hardwood Flooring For Kitchen

Many hardwood features, including cost, installation, maintenance, etc., vary depending on the type of hardwood. Also check our tool to calculate flooring cost instantly.

Solid unfinished planks

If you want a great range of color and style options, unfinished hardwood flooring would be an excellent kitchen choice. Of course, they consume a lot of time to install and finish. However, it does not matter how much time they take, but you will see unique and outstanding results.

With the installation of solid hardwood, boards together tightly and are covered with a sealer coat covering the whole surface to prevent it from water and staining. Moreover, solid hardwood planks can be refinished many times over the floor’s life, and it might seem a significant advantage.

They offer a more excellent range of color options because they can add a combination of color stains to attain a unique and distinctive look. In addition to color options, a wide range of finishes are also available, including matt and high gloss finish. Solid unfinished is one of the best forms of hardwood for kitchens.

Solid Prefinished Planks

Prefinished hardwood floors have incredible durability and best for a rugged surface that can easily resist moving furniture, heavy foot traffic, etc. They are also coated with chemical sealers that can maintain their beauty and look long for up to 25 years. Prefinished planks are available in multiple styles and colors.

Installing prefinished planks are quick because they are sealed, sanded, stained, and finished at the factory. As soon as solid prefinished planks are installed, you can walk and start arranging furniture on the floor. However, sometimes planks come with slightly beveled edges that can be tricky in kitchens.

Engineered Hardwood Floor For Kitchen

In some cases engineered hardwood floor does not require plywood sub-floor; that is to say, if you have concrete, you can install it directly over the concrete. So, you don’t need to concern about installing plywood. Engineered hardwood is more substantial than solid hardwood. And it’s often more stable due to its layers so that you can go more comprehensive in the planks.

You can install engineered wood on the top of hard floors like vinyl, tile, or even hardwood. Moreover, you can install engineered flooring below grading like in a basement that is under the ground. Besides, engineered flooring is prefinished and created with a click-lock system. So, you will able to install it as a floating floor. Engineered hardwood is considered one of the best floorings for kitchen remodeling projects.

Reclaimed Hardwood Planks

It has become popular and growing market for using reclaimed hardwood flooring. It’s because these floor planks are environmentally friendly. This wood is from trees that grew in the 20th century and were not subject to air pollution. It means they are stronger than new growth.

What is reclaimed wood? Lumbers that has been previously used for other building projects. For example, you can see reclaimed wood taken of the sides of century old barns and constructions, or floors over 100-year-old homes. They come from a variety of sources, including houses, factories, industrial buildings, and barns. Sometimes reclaimed planks contain nails or staples. However, defects and contaminants are removed that can cause problems during installation or impact the flooring’s look. Reclaimed planks can also be an excellent choice for kitchens.

Reclaimed hardwood is considered to be expensive. Reclaimed hardwood cost is between $12 and $22 per square foot, depending on the mix of the woods and the finish

Prices & Cost to Install Hardwood Flooring in Kitchen

The costs of hardwood flooring vary depending on the type of wood and the quality of the product. Unexpectedly, you will see a little difference between the prices of solid hardwoods and engineered hardwoods. Engineered wood is regarded as the best alternative to solid hardwood due to its affordable costs.

The only materials range between $5 and d $12 per square foot domestic hardwoods, including cherry, maple, and oak. For tropical hardwoods such as walnut, Brazilian, and mahogany cost between $8 and $14 per square foot. However, for engineered hardwood, prices vary on the type of wood, the veneer’s thickness, and the quality of finish. Engineered hardwood flooring costs can be between $3 and $13 per square foot.

In addition to materials, professional flooring installation cost ranges from $3 to $8 per square foot. Besides, the labor cost depends on the complexity of the job. For example, floor re-installation cost also includes cost of removing old floor and the total price will be more than a floor laid on an entirely prepared subfloor.

Maintenance and Repair

As natural wood products, hardwoods are susceptible to damages, including scratches, dents, water damage, staining, movement, and more. However, you can easily protect your kitchen’s hardwood flooring if you have installed the right type of wood and kept it properly sealed.

The right or proper installation is one where the butts tightly together and are covered with sealing that protects the whole surface to block moisture from penetrating. Maintenance is straightforward and more comfortable so that a hardwood floor cleaner will maintain your hardwood beautiful, attractive, day out and day in.

If you don’t care, scratches, dents, traffic wear, and other issues can damage the seal coat and permit the moisture to destroy the wood. They are also susceptible to the toenails of pets, and this can lead to permanent damages. Besides, buckling can again happen if you have water leakage or high humidity level.

Make sure to choose the best type for your kitchen that can be sanded down and refinished; it means solid hardwoods are better than engineered wood. However, some engineered hardwood can be refinished, but they are costly. So, if you want to change the color, refinishing can give you a whole look at your floors.

Design of Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is well known for its excellent and premium designs that can add real estate value and natural warmth to your home or kitchen. It offers a variety of methods, and each comes with a unique and distinctive look. The most popular and classic designs are; horizontal stripes, herringbone parquet, chevron parquet, diamond parquet, etc.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

The installation process of hardwood flooring depends on the type of product you choose. It can be glued down, nailed down, or installed with a floating installation technique. In simple words, the kind of flooring will help you to determine your installation option. In addition to the flooring type, you need to know about your subfloor. Call BRV Remodeling at (253)317-9445 to schedule in-home measure and get an accurate flooring installation estimate.

Solid Hardwood Plank Installation

The tongue and groove designs of solid hardwood planks permit the boards to lock at the edges. Afterward, the blind-nailing process attaches them to the subfloor with nails, using a unique nailing tool. Sometimes, solid hardwood is glued down using construction adhesives, such as installing the existing hard floor or over concrete. Solid hardwood flooring is challenging, so it requires professionals for installation.

Engineered planks Installation

Opposite to solid hardwood planks. Engineered planks and some prefinished solid hardwood planks are attached with a click-lock system in which the planks interlock at the edges. These are floating floors that rest on a thin dense foam without any attachment to the subfloor. The interlocking edges let the flooring float as a mat over the underlayment. Moreover, the click-lock system can allow the floor to expand and contract with seasonal temperatures. The engineered planks installation process is easy to install, and you can do it yourself.

Unfinished Planks Flooring

After the installation process, unfinished planks flooring is stained by hand and coated with polyurethane varnish to prevent stains and moisture from penetrating and permanently damaging the finish. However, unfinished flooring requires renewal every few years, especially for the kitchen.

Top Brands of Hardwood Flooring

A quality brand is crucial for quality hardwood flooring. Below are the top brands of hardwood flooring and almost, all offer prefinished hardwood products, both engineered and solid. However, for unfinished hardwood, it’s better to find a unique local flooring store.


Bruce is best for quick availability and returnability and is known as the fast-food chain of wood flooring. It’s carried by The Home Depot and Lowe’s that collectively have 4000 stores; that is to say, Bruce blankets the world. It offers prefinished products in both solid and engineered planks. Also, it provides excellent flooring for kitchens at affordable costs.


It offers engineered hardwood flooring in more than 100 different styles, colors, and species. It does not matter how much its products are expensive, but they are incredibly durable and top-quality.


Like Bruce, it also offers both prefinished solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators flooring. LL flooring is a chain of flooring stores that provides a wide range of domestic and foreign woods. If we come to quality, it’s okay.


New Hampshire-based Carlisle is best for plank sizes and offers wide-plank flooring in prefinished solid hardwood planks and engineered planks. However, a wide-plank is expensive than an ordinary 3 ¼ solid wood floor.


It offers an engineered hardwood flooring that has a very thick surface veneer that can be refinished. Also, the WoodLoc joinery system makes it easier as much as you can install it yourself.

Hardwood For Kitchen: Softness and Comfort

Hardwood offers a soft and comfortable surface than more rigid materials such a stone and or tiles. However, it’s harder than other resilient flooring materials, including cork or vinyl. Wood flooring is more comfortable and will feel warmer underfoot than tiles but not than vinyl. Moreover, hardwood can provide a large space so that you can stand in your kitchen with comfort.

Hardwood Vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Kitchen

If we come to looks and styles, luxury vinyl flooring is stable, durable, affordable, customizable, and indistinguishable from hardwood looks. LVF is also a good and affordable option for kitchen flooring. It’s manufactured in multi-layer planks that join edge-to-edge and form floating floor. Moreover, Luxury vinyl planks are useful for more purposes like high-traffic, commercial uses, pet friendly, etc. Furthermore, Luxury vinyl flooring is more comfortable to install, affordable, water-resistant, and soft.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring is susceptible to moisture, scratches, dents, and staining. Its costs are high and can be challenging for an average person to afford. Even more, hardwood requires regular maintenance and treatment costs. However, hardwood can also be used in commercial settings, but it requires constant upkeep. Check also, our another article to learn more about different options for kitchen flooring.

Pros of Hardwood Floor in Kitchen

Ability to Refinish

We know hardwood is susceptible to damages, including scratches, dents, staining, etc., and it’s right about it. But can you restore any other type of flooring to look new after 50 years? However, hardwood is offering this facility so that you can fix the flooring to look good.

Attractive surface

It’s is one of the most attractive and demandable flooring materials due to its various colors and styles. In simple words, it can add value to your home and kitchen.

Environmentally friendly

One of its type, known as reclaimed planks that come from office buildings, industries, etc., can be used to repurpose the flooring. It means there is little to no chance of deforestation. Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for allergy suffers to enjoy a seamless look of hardwood flooring without allergies.

Natural look

It’s visually pleasing, and its natural texture and tunes can enhance your home’s atmosphere. Its natural beauty can make your kitchen appear warmer and elegant.


Hardwood flooring is softer and comfortable than ceramic tiles. Also, it will feel warmer underfoot than other hard tiles.

Cons of Hardwood Flooring For Kitchen

  • Hardwood flooring is expensive; however, you can afford it for small areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. But for larger sizes, you will need to look at the budget before shopping.
  • It’s susceptible to damages, including scratches, dents, and other tear and wears, damaging the sealer coat.
  • Hardwood flooring requires regular maintenance, and constant upkeeps that can lead to extra costs.
  • It can be challenging for you to install it yourself; that is to say, it requires professionals.


If you have a budget and can afford it, hardwood is the right choice for your kitchen. However, it’s susceptible to water, so avoid its use in the rooms. Hardwood flooring will be less successful if you are unable to care for it properly.

Frequently asked questions about hardwood floor in kitchen

Yes, it’s the right choice for kitchens if you can afford it. Hardwood has a natural look and comes with various colors and designs that can add a beautiful look to your kitchen.

Engineered wood flooring is best for the kitchen because it’s more stable due to its multiple layers. These layers make it able to resist moisture that can permanently damage the finish.

Many people prefer hardwood flooring in kitchen. It’s because hardwood is more comfortable and is pleasant to touch. Hardwood feels warmer than hard tiles, including ceramic and stone. However, it is very popular to install heating floor system nowadays. With the system tile floor will be warm too.

Porcelain tile is the most durable and long-lasting flooring for your kitchen. It’s highly scratch-resistant and water-resistant, making it perfect for spill areas, including your kitchen. Consider also installing NuHeat radiant floor heating system, to keep your toes warm all the time.

Most engineered wood products cannot be refinished; however, some can be refinished, but they are costly. It’s susceptible to scratches, dents, and staining. Sometimes, manufacturers use thin veneer that can reduce your floor’s life span. Manufacturers can also use core materials to reduce their production costs.

If you have installed the right type of wood floor, it’s easier to care for it. You will need to ensure that it’s properly sealed and is tightly butt up against one another. Sweep and mob regularly. Also, keep the child and pets from the kitchen because they can scratch or damage the sealer coat.

Tile flooring is one of the best and most famous for the kitchen. If you install it in a proper way, it can last for a lifetime or more. Porcelain tile is one of the best examples of resisting water, dents, scratches, and long-lasting.

Hardwood flooring has a natural warmth than tile flooring. Also, wood will feel warmer underfoot than tiles.

The top trending kitchen floors are;

  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Stained concrete flooring
  • Pattern flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • White laminate flooring
  • Larger format tile flooring
  • Slip-resistant flooring

Tile flooring is easier to clean because it doesn’t soak up dirt. There is no need for any detergent, even for deep cleaning; you can do it with warm water or steam.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most popular kitchen floors due to their durability and resistance against water, stains, and scratches. Porcelain is the best waterproof flooring for the kitchen that will last long.