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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a House?

The average home remodeling cost in Tacoma – Seattle area is around $49,800. However, the price depends on the houses’ sizes and falls between $18,313-$86,104. This cost might include the average kitchen renovation, bathroom, and hallways/rooms.

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Home Remodeling Cost. Partial and Full Interior Renovation.

Statistic shows that people in the US build more than 1 million houses every year. At the same time, around 40% of the properties are more than 50 years old. So, there is no surprise that you will have to spend an amount as a home remodeling price. According to Houzz’s study 2019, Americans spent $15,000 on average on home renovation. It is vital to make a few property changes to make it a dream place for living. So, we start with the following.

According to the most recent survey of home builders’ national association (NAHB), there are 15 things included in a home renovation project. When we talk about this subject, then multiple questions come to mind:

  • What will be the overall home remodeling cost?
  • The estimate to renovate different areas of the house

You can’t find the answer to all the above questions without an expert’s assistance? Here is our analysis to give you an idea, and help you pre-estimate remodeling cost of your house.

  • The average cost of home remodeling
    • The average cost of home remodeling: Per square foot
    • Average remodeling price of whole house
    • Per square foot cost of multiple room renovation
    • Home remodeling pricing: Estimated as per house size
  • Break down of average remodel cost by home type
    • Remodeling pricing of an old house
    • Home remodel cost of adding square foot
  • Full home remodeling prices
    • House exterior
    • Kitchen remodel cost: As per size
    • Bathroom remodeling pricing
    • Average remodeling cost of bedroom and living room
    • Basement remodeling quote
    • Average roof remodeling pricing
    • Average price to gut and remodel a house
  • Home remodeling pricing as per location
  • Factors that affect home remodeling quote
    • Home remodeling permits
    • Average labor rates
    • Average miscellaneous cost for home remodeling
  • Frequently asked questions
    • Budgeted home remodeling
    • Difference between remodel, rehab and renovation
    • Remodeling in $100,000
    • Average spending percentage on home remodeling
    • Cost to renovate a 100-year-old house
    • How to estimate remodel cost?
    • Time frame to renovate a house
    • What is cheaper? home remodeling or building a new house
  • Conclusion

Average home remodeling cost

Before discussing the home renovation’s detailed cost, it is vital to talk about the average price. For better understanding, we are dividing the home into small sub-categories. So, here are the different categories with an average price breakdown.

  • The overall and average home remodel cost is around $46,800. However, according to the houses’ sizes, most of the properties fall between $18,313-$76,104. Thus, this cost includes the average renovation cost of kitchens, bathrooms, or any structural or mechanical change.
  • But, if you look at the average cost of a kitchen renovation, it is around $27,500.
  • However, the average bathroom remodeling pricing is around $12,000. Moreover, you have to allocate extra amount for the renovation of the basement.

The home remodel cost doesn’t stop here. There are many unseen expenses that you can bear in between the renovation. We know that home remodeling is a task that requires serious attention and involves so many small details. So, lets’ break down the home remodels cost in small parts for better understanding.

Average cost of home remodeling per square foot

We discussed earlier that the average cost of home remolding depends on many factors. Mainly we divide the home remodel cost into two different sectors.

Remodel per square foot and whole house

If we talk about the average home renovation cost, it is around $10-$60 per square foot. But there are chances that you have to spend up to $150 per square foot. Moreover, it is vital to keep in mind that the cost variation depends on the following factors.

  • You need to allocate more money for remodeling of kitchen and bathrooms.
  • But bedrooms, living rooms, and basements all those sectors that demand less money.
  • Furthermore, if you are living in an urban area, then the cost could be double. But if you live in a rural area, then the home remodel fee could be less due to the low profile living standard.

To know the home remodeling cost in detail, let’s discuss each category separately. So, here are sub-categories.

Average remodeling price of the whole house:

We are talking about the per square cost of home remodeling. If the home is 2500 square feet, you have to bear $16,500-$220,000 for the renovation. We are breaking the cost into the following three main categories.

  • Low-end renovation: The average cost for this type of remodeling is around $16,500-$49,500. However, it includes all low-cost things like paint, flooring, landscaping, and counters.
  • Mid-range renovation: The average cost for mid-range renovation is around $50,600-$77,000. It includes a few low-end options for renovation. But you may add a full kitchen and bathroom remodel at a comparatively low cost. Moreover, you can go to the high-end flooring.
  • High-end remodeling: The average cost of high-end home remodeling is around $78,100-$220,000. In this type of remodeling, you may include all things of low and mid-range budget. Moreover, you can add high-quality custom-made items like appliances and cabinets in the house. Apart from this, you can make some structural changes and updates to the layout.

In short, the home remodels cost depends on the changes that you want to make in the house. For this, you can talk to the tour contactor, and they may add some electric, plumbing, and HVAC system in the essential cost.

Per square foot cost for multiple room renovation:

It is vital to plan things carefully during the remodeling of the house. If you manage the renovation of single or multiple rooms, you need to be careful to remain within the set budget limits. The average renovation cost to remodel multiple rooms is around $20 per square foot.

  • But if you want to add appliances, cabinets, and counters, the cost may reach up to $100 per square foot.
  • Moreover, for bedroom renovation, the average cost is around $10 per square foot. But this cost includes only paint and flooring.

In short, the average room remodels cost varies according to the situation. For instance, the cost would be different and depend on the size of the space that you are updating.

Home remodeling pricing: Estimated as per house size

After reading the above discussion, it is cleared that cost depends on the size of the house. It is one of the most significant factors for which you should be careful. So, if the house and rooms are more extensive, expect to pay more in the account of home remodel cost. The following data chart is showing the average price per square foot.

Whole house remodel cost

The above stats aren’t showing the average home remodel cost for all sizes. So, the chart is showing the average price with estimated house size.

Total square foot Typical cost range is between Average remodel cost
1000 $11,000-$60,000 $35,500
1,500 $16,500-$99,000 $57,750
2,000 $22,000-$132,000 $77,000
2,500 $27,500-$165,000 $96,250
3,000 $33,000-$198,000 $115,500
4,000 $44,000-$264,000 $154,000

Note: The room’s size isn’t the only indicator of the total home remodel cost estimate and house size. Like a house of 1000 square feet with three bedrooms can costs less than a place of 4000 square feet with two bedrooms.

Breakdown of average remodel cost by home type:

There are plenty of different factors that decide the cost of the house. So, before estimating the home remodeling quote, it is vital to look into the details. We discussed earlier that average spending on renovation is around $15-$220 per square foot. But the following factors also affect the pricing.

  • The location of the house
  • Upgradation of appliances that you want to add
  • Above all, the quality of the material that you choose for renovation.

So, we are showing the home remodeling pricing estimate according to the different types of size. Always keep in mind that the house’s size and type are two main factors that decide the price.

Type of the home remodeling Cost per square foot
Condo $80-$110
Apartment $30-$50
Row house $30-$80
Farmhouse $10-$50
Townhouse $15-$40
Victorian $30-$270
Historical Price varies as per the situation

Remodeling pricing of an old house:

Apart from the average price, many other issues require your attention. However, the average cost is around $27,000-$75,750. It is a fact that if the home is older, then you will have to spend more on the renovation. For instance, old houses have hidden expenses like ancient walls, doors, etc.

Apart from this, the older home needs to renovate on so many levels like plumbing, wiring, and other additional work. As a result of these small details, the renovation takes more time and become costly. Mainly there is the following type of hidden costs.

Code requirements:

If you plan to remodel your house, then it is vital to bring everything in order in the first step. However, it means that you may need new writing or plumbing in the house. So, consider these expenses before moving forward. Furthermore, it means that you need to ask for special permission to add something new to the property. Like we are taking an example of:

Historic homes:

The general requirements of home remodeling are to maintain the outer look of the house. But state departments and different municipalities have specific rules for home renovation. The directions tell what you can or can’t do in the historical value or only renovate the exterior. It is good to contact the local zoning office for detailed guidance and what actions you can take. There is a guide named “National registrar of historic places” that tells whether your property qualifies for renovation or not. However, the rules assist what you can do in the house, but don’t always restrict.

Average home remodels cost of adding square foot:

If you want to add square foot and addition to the house, the cost would be around $22,000-$77,000. The price range could be between $6,600-$137,500, with an average of $72,050. But keep in mind that it depends on the material that you choose to use in the remodeling.

There are many types of a home remodel decisions that decide your average cost. But removing walls and adding new flooring are popular things that create a difference. Moreover, you need to consider the price change you can bear in case of any project complexity.

Wall, rewiring and plumbing cost

Wall demolition cost:

The cost of removing a wall varies between $330-$11,000. And the price depends on the type of walls, whether the wall is a load bearing or not. Load-bearing walls provides support to the home. So, it requires care and proper planning to remove it. Moreover, in most cases you may need to get the expert services of a structural engineer.

The average cost for rewiring home:

The average cost to add new wiring in a house is around $4,400-$22,000. You will have to start electrical work right after demolition, it is essential to run electrical wires before finishing walls.

Plumbing cost:

The cost of rough-in and new plumbing in a house will be between $1900-$4000. Again, It is necessary to upgrade the old pipes before adding new walls. So, you have to decide on these types of work before even starting your home remodel.

Full Home remodeling Prices:

After talking about the average cost per square foot, let’s discuss the whole house’s renovation expenses. For better understanding, we are dividing the house into small sub-categories. On average, the cost to renovate a house will fall between $36,850 and $165,000. But it could be different if you add more things to the list.

There are different parts and multiple rooms. So, we are dividing the cost by breaking the entire house into small pieces. Thus, the average price for some popular renovations is around.

Average remodeling pricing of the whole house
Exterior $5,500-$16,500
Kitchen $4,950-$55,000
Bathroom $6,600-$38,500
Living & bedroom $1,650-$6,050
Basement $12,000-$33,000
Roof $6,050-$11,500
Total home remodel cost $36,850-$165,000

Note: It is good to remember that home renovation doesn’t only provide you a chance to achieve your dream house. But it also increases the value of your property.

We mentioned earlier that the average cost to remodel a full house is between $36,850-$165,000. But many factors have an impact on the price. The top factors are:

  • Location of the property
  • Quality of the material that you are using
  • And the size of your home and rooms.

After looking at these factors, let’s break a full house into small parts to discuss the average remodel cost. So, we make a start with:

House exterior:

The cost to remodel the exterior of the house is around $5,500-$16,500. But this is an average cost, and it may vary according to the location and material quality. We broke the average price into the following categories:

  • The painting cost for the exterior is $1,980-$4,400
  • The average cost for landscaping is around $1,540-$6,000.

It is the demand of most remodels to change the siding and landscaping. So, it’s is useful if you keep the margin for these things.

Kitchen remodels cost:

We know that kitchen is the heart of the home and the most popular and expensive area. The kitchen involves so many tiny details when it comes to remodeling. However, the average cost to renovate a kitchen is around $150/square foot. There is all type of kitchen remodeling packages. Homeowners are spending from $4,400-$66,000 on the remodeling of the small and high-end kitchen.

Parts of kitchen remodel Allocated budget (Estimated)
Cabinets/hardware 30%
Installation 17%
Appliances 14%
Countertops $10%
Flooring 7%
Lighting 5%
Walls & ceiling 5%
Design, engineering fee, doors & windows 4%
Plumbing 4%

Note: All of the above stats are quoting the national kitchen and bath association. However, the allocated budget may be different, and it depends on your remodeling decisions.

Kitchen cabinet cost: Per square foot:

  • Stocked items: $110-$330
  • Semi- custom items: $160-$710
  • Custom-made cabinets: $550-$1,300
  • And refinished cabinets: $1,540-$3,850

Kitchen remodels cost: Countertop costs:

  • Stone made countertops: $4,400-$7,700
  • Laminate countertops: $1,320-$2,200
  • Solid surface: $1,650-$3,300
  • Concrete: $2,860-$5,830

Flooring pricing:

  • Vinyl: $880-$2,915
  • Stone: $990-$3,080
  • Laminate: $1,650-$4,675
  • Wood: $2,750-$7,425

Note: If you want to add a different kitchen style, then soft lights over the cabinets and decorative material is a fantastic way. Moreover, it is a low-cost way to add style without adding in the allocated budget.

Kitchen remodels cost: As per size:

There are plenty of options for every house, remodel. However, you can choose from these options to decorate the heart of your home. So, we are mentioning the kitchen remodel cost according to different sizes.

  • Small kitchen remodeling cost: The average price for small-sized kitchens is around $5,500-$33,000. However, you may upgrade lights, taps, paints, counter extensions, and knocking down non-load bearing walls at this price.
  • Mid-sized kitchens: The average cost for the mid-sized kitchen is around $33,000-$71,500. At this cost, you can upgrade appliances, floors, tiles, cabinets, and mid-priced counters.
  • High-end kitchen remodeling pricing: The cost for a high-end kitchen is around $65,000. At this cost, you may remodel custom cabinets, stone granite counters, high-quality appliances, and lighting. Apart from this, in this budget, you may include hardwood flooring and a new sink with taps.

Bathroom remodeling pricing:

In the recent survey of NAHB of 2017, bathrooms are among the most popular home renovation projects in the country. But the price of the bathroom is enormous. As per the Remodeling magazine report, the average cost for bathroom remodeling is $40,205-$61,380. However, the remodeling cost is around $125/square foot.

  • On the whole, the remodeling cost is around $2,750-$27,500 or more.
  • It is vital to mention that cabinets take more part of the budget. Like the cabinets may take up to 30% of the total allocated budget.

However, bathroom remodeling projects take a wide range of budget in the account of cabinets, counters, and fixtures. The following data chat is mentioning what low, and high-end bathroom remodeling takes from the fund. So, here is the estimated cost.

Bathroom items Low to mid-range budget High-end bathroom
Bathtubs $440-$4,510 $6,600-$8,800
Cabinets $13,20-$7,700 $8,800-$14,300
Countertops $990-$4,510 $5500-$7,150
Flooring $880-$3,960 $5,500-$7,700
Fixtures of Lighting $160-$1,920 $2,750-$4,400
Showers $490-$5,280 $6,600-$11,000
Sink $210-$2,530 $3,850-$7,150
Toilets $140-$550 $590-$880
Total budget $4,609-$30,900 $40,205-$61,380

Average remodeling cost of bedroom and living room:

Bedroom and bathroom are the most budget friendly parts of the home remodel cost. However, the average price is around $16,50-$6,050. The fee includes flooring, painting, and sometimes you want to add more space. So, the cost may reach up to $7,000.

living room and bedroom remodel

However, you can divide your whole home into two parts: wet and dry. We take this definition in the following way.

  • Wet rooms include anything that has a link with water. However, it consists of a bathroom, kitchen, steam bath, and utility closet. If you are trying to renovate wet rooms, then it would be more costly.
  • On the other hand, dry rooms don’t have any link with water. So, these rooms may include bedrooms, living rooms, etc. The renovation of these rooms mainly includes paint, flooring, and a fireplace.

To renovate the room, living or bedroom, you have to allocate a separate budget for each thing. However, we are breaking the cost into different small parts.

Fireplace installation cost $1,000-$4,070
Flooring cost $1,650-$4,950
Room painting cost $270-$1000

It’s not the demands of every room or living room to spend money on the fireplace’s renovation.

Basement remodeling

It is quite a big job to remodel the basement. However, the cost varies according to the area where you are living and the house plan. The cost to remodel the basement is around $12,100-$33,000. However, the average price is about $22,550, but sometimes it may reach up to $44,000.

  • The total allocated cost includes flooring installation cost, building walls, plumbing, electrical wiring, and furnishing the room.
  • Moreover, if you are adding a washroom in the basement, then it is quietly costly. This job involves the cost of hiring a plumber, installing plumbing after buying essential items.

Average roof remodeling pricing

The roof is that part of the house that stays the longest (20-30 years). But if you are renovating the whole house, you will update it with the rest of the house. The average cost to remodel a roof is between $6,050-$11,550, and it makes an average of $8,800. But the price depends on different factors like roof size, pitch, and type of material you are using. However, for reference, we are breaking down the real cost into small parts.

Asphalt shingles $5,830-$12,100
Wood Shake $11,000-$22,000
Simulated wood shake $11,000-$22,000
Steel and aluminum $5,500-$28,600
Copper $33,000-$49,500
Tile $8,800-$33,000
Slate $19,800-$49,500

Average pricing to gut and remodel a house:

It is a section that would help people who are interested in home gutting or remodeling. So, it will cost around $100,000-$200,000 to gut or renovate the house. However, the full cost includes the expenses of:

Demolition work Structural improvements New roof
Wiring Plumbing Foundation of walls
New finishes New appliances And other things like this.

Furthermore, we are dividing this section into these main categories. So, the sub-categories are like:

  • Gut renovation per square foot cost is around $110-$270. In this type of renovation, you are getting a whole new house except studs and foundations.
  • The average cost to gut or demolish a house is around $1,300-$5,170. But if you go for the high-end services, then it would be about $10,000. The total allocated cost includes demolishing, removal of house waste, and dumping permits.

Home remodeling pricing as per different locations:

The following data chart is showing how your house location has an impact on the house remodel cost.

New York $23,100-$99,000
Boston $20,900-$73,700
Chicago $22,500-$71,500
Honolulu $26,400-$81,400
Los Angeles $52,800-$132,000
Denver $14,300-$62,700
Dallas $16,500-$52,800
Atlanta $16,000-$63,000

Factors that affect the home remodeling quote:

After discussing each possible cost of the home remodeling, it is vital to consider the unknown factors. You can hire a contractor to discuss the unseen potential expenses that may increase the overall cost. So, these factors are:

Home remodeling permits:

In most parts of the USA, you can’t start home renovation without taking a permit. So, the pass costs around $440-$1,980. It is vital to get access because state authorities want to ensure that you are working under building codes. So, to avoid any hassle, apply for the license before taking a start. You may need the following:

  • Permit to start new construction
  • Additions in home
  • Major renovation
  • Structural changes
  • Electrical work, plumbing or mechanical changes

Average labor rates:

Before starting a home renovation project, estimate the labor cost because it will take a considerable chunk of the budget. The average labor rates range between $30-$170 per square foot. Moreover, the data chart is showing subcontractor rates:

The general cost of the contractor 10%-20% of the whole project
Kitchen designing fee $70-$280/hour
Architect fee $130-$300/hour
Plumber rates $70-$110/hour
Electrician charges $50-$190
HVAC technician $50-$180
Landscaper fee $50-$160
Interior designing charges $50-$200/hour
Painter rates $20-$55/hour

Average miscellaneous cost for home remodeling:

Apart from the above main expense, many small things take a massive part of the budget. So, it’s unfair to discuss those things.


If you hire a plumber, then the average cost is around $300. There are two options that a plumber may charge per job or by the hour. However, the per hour cost is about $70-$110.

 Electrical expenses:

The average cost to hire an electrician is around $350. But if you want to take hourly services, then the price is between $50-$190. However, the cost depends on the expertise level of the electrician that you are hiring.

Floorplan of the house:

If you wish to add or change something in the house’s original plan, then you have to hire an engineer. However, the cost to hire a structural engineer is between $330-$770. The changes may be about stairs, walls, or other things like this. So, it is safe to buy engineering services to avoid any mistakes.


The average cost of HVAC range between $550-$7,920. But you have brand options to choose heating, cooling, or ventilation system. For instance, companies like Amana, American Standard, Carrier, and Lennox range between $2,090-$5,390. Apart from this, the cost for other HVAC options is:

Cost to install solar panels $18,150-$34,100
Heat pump cost $4,400-$7,920
New AC unit $4,180-$8,250
Furnace cost $2,860-$6,820
Padding cost $1,540-$4,070
Cost to install ducts and vents $550-$2,090

Home remodel estimate for appliances:

It is one of the main things with variable cost. Usually, you have many options for appliances to decide the price according to a set budget limit. For instance, if you don’t love cooking, you don’t need to spend much on the six-burner stove. In comparison to this, if you want to save money in the account of utility bills, then you may use energy star appliances. However, the average cost for machines ranges between $220-$11,000. You also have the option to choose stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel appliances:

These types of appliances are trend-driven and very popular among homeowners. However, these appliances may include options like black, white, ivory, and slate color. But there is a choice to buy colorful appliances to add a little fun in the cooking place. We are mentioning the estimated price of different types of home appliances:

  • A basic set of appliances ranges between $110-$2,220
  • High-end store-bought appliances are between $330-$5,500
  • Energy star appliances are between $220-$3,850
  • Custom made appliances: $1,100-$11,000

Frequently asked questions: (FAQ)

I know there are plenty of questions popping up in mind after reading home remodel cost. So, we designed a few questions to answer your concerns.

How to remodel a home on a budget?

Budget making is one of the essential points that you shouldn’t overlook. Appliances, floors, countertops, cabinets, and flooring are a few things that make the most significant chunk of the budget. So, the best solution is to reuse the old items where it is possible. It saves extra cost, and you can spend that money somewhere else. You can look for these options to keep the cost less.

Refacing cabinets $4,620-$10,560
Cost of cabinets refinishing: $1,870-$4,400
Laminate old floor $1,540-$4,730
Refinish hardwood flooring cost $1,210-$2,640

Is there any difference between house rehab, renovation, or remodeling?

The short answer to this question is NO. There is no vast difference between these terms, and we interchangeably use these terms. But with the word rehab, we mean the extensive remodeling or cleanup of the house. However, the average cost to rehab home is between $20,000-$75,000. Moreover, the total gut cleaning or replacement may be around $200,000.

What is the average spending percentage on home remodeling?

The total allocated percentage of a home remodel cost depends on various factors. Like it may include the:

  • The area in which you are living
  • Size of the room or property
  • Unseen costs that you bear
  • And the material that you choose to use.

Apart from this, it is good to spend money that justifies your living standard with society. You may spend 80% of the entire home’s value on remodeling. But it’s not worth it unless it matches with the area in which you are living.

What can I do for remodeling for $100,000?

For $100,000, you can go for the high-end home remodel. Moreover, at this cost, you can even afford the right quality appliances. If you live in a small house, this amount is enough to complete gut and remodeling.

What is the cost of renovating a 100-year-old house?

If you want to renovate a 100-year-old building, the cost depends on the historical value and quality factors. Apart from this, the home remodeling pricing depends on the plumbing, electrician, and HVAC updates of your building.

How to estimate home remodel cost?

It is the best solution to go for a professional contractor for the estimation of average cost. The architect is the person who can guide you about all laws, requirements, and right actions for home renovations.

What is the time frame to renovate a complete house?

Generally, it takes 2-8 months to renovate a full house. But this is the estimated frame if things go as planned. Still, many factors can affect the pace of your remodeling work. You may talk to your contractor for the exact timeframe.

What is cheaper? Home remodeling or building a new house:

Generally, building a new home is more expensive than remodeling. So, if you have an option, then go with the remodeling.

What is the average cost of home improvements?

If you are talking about significant home improvements, then it cost between $4,400-$22,000. But the cost may vary between hundreds to thousands of dollars. We have talked earlier that many factors decide the price.


The crux of all the above conversation is that home renovation is of utmost importance. If we talk about the typical kitchen remodeling, then it adds 83.1% value to your house. It means that if you spend $1,000 on kitchen renovation, then you will get $831 back. Moreover, bathroom renovation gives 65.7% ROI. So, there is no point in thinking more about home remodeling. If you want to add value to your property, then don’t afraid to renovate your house. But always remember to choose the best and professional team to get the maximum return on investment.

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