Kirkland Master Bathroom Makeover: From Drab to Fab!

Welcome to our latest project showcase, where we invite you to step into the luxurious world of our recently completed master bathroom remodel in Kirkland. In this transformative journey, we’ve taken a dated and uninspiring space and turned it into a serene oasis of comfort and style.

Right after this brief introduction, we’ll treat you to a gallery of the Kirkland bathroom remodeling photos that captures every detail of this before-and-after bathroom transformation. Join us as we share the design insights and incredible craftsmanship that went into making this dream bathroom in Kirkland a reality. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own home improvement project or simply appreciate the art of remodeling, we’re thrilled to take you through the revitalization of this completed Kirkland bathroom makeover.

before photo of bathroom remodeling in KirklandMaster Bathroom Remodeling Project in Kirkland

From Constricted Spaces to Creative Freedom

When we initially entered the master bathroom space for the estimate in Kirkland, it felt like stepping into a world of untapped potential. The room held promise and possibilities. The Kirkland master bathroom was divided by several partial walls, segregating the shower from the toilet and the toilet from the vanity. A narrow ‘corridor’ even separated the bathroom from a tiny closet, creating layers of separation. However, after extensive deliberation with our clients, we collectively embraced a daring journey of transformation. So, we decided to demolish not only physical walls but also the boundaries of imagination. This created a fresh canvas for an extraordinary master bathroom remodel project in Kirkland.

Designing an Open Concept Bathroom Layout

With the walls gone, we had a newfound sense of space and freedom to explore our creative vision. We presented design renderings that embraced an open concept for the master bathroom. It featured a custom shower with a hexagonal glass surround. The moment our clients laid eyes on the concept, they were captivated by the possibilities it held.

But that wasn’t all. Indeed, with our newfound space and innovative approach, we took things a step further. We transformed what was once a confined area into a spacious, luxurious walk-in closet, adding a touch of practicality and elegance to the project. In fact, the transformation was so remarkable that it even inspired a playful joke from my client. Before, the bathroom featured a narrow, and let’s be honest, a somewhat intimidating tunnel shower area. Our client would jokingly remark that she felt a bit hesitant to enter that previous shower space. With our redesign, we also dispelled apprehensions and added a stunning freestanding tub, making it the new bathroom’s centerpiece. The same level of attention to detail and innovative design seen in this bathroom remodel is applied to our kitchen projects, which you can explore with a trusted General Contractor at BRV Remodeling.

Courageous Decision-Making and Creative Collaboration

All of this was made possible by the smart and courageous decision-making of my clients. Their willingness to think outside the box, coupled with our team’s expertise, played a pivotal role. It allowed us to transform a standard master bathroom into a remarkable oasis of style, comfort, and functionality. It was a journey filled with excitement and creativity, and the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

Sophisticated Tile Choices for Our Kirkland Bathroom Remodeling Project

Discover the premium tile selections that are the cornerstone of our Kirkland Bathroom Remodeling Project, where each piece reflects a commitment to excellence and design harmony.

Alento Cream Polished Porcelain: Enhancing Kirkland Bathroom Remodels with Italian Elegance

In our Kirkland bathroom remodeling projects, the Alento Cream Polished Porcelain tile stands out with its luxurious 24 x 48-inch dimensions and high gloss finish.

Alento italian tile for bathroom and shower areas.

Leveraging advanced inkjet technology, this Italian-made tile presents a stunningly realistic appearance with a vast color range and sharp details. Its rectified edges enable installation with minimal grout lines, ensuring a clean, contemporary look. Perfect for enhancing bathrooms, this tile is part of Floor & Decor’s exclusive Maximo collection. It offers an easy upgrade option by installing over existing tiles. Its versatility is a standout feature. The ease of installation makes it an ideal choice for elevating the elegance of any bathroom remodel in Kirkland. Part of creating such an elegant space is also understanding the investment required. For a detailed guide on what a project like this may cost in the current year, visit our page on bathroom remodeling cost guide.

Soft Greige Wood Plank Porcelain: Refined Flooring for Kirkland Bathrooms

The Soft Greige Wood Plank Porcelain Tile enhances our Kirkland bathroom remodeling projects with its understated elegance. These gray tiles, measuring 6 x 40 inches, mimic a textured wood appearance. They combine the durability of porcelain with the aesthetics of wood. This effect is achieved through innovative inkjet technology, allowing for richer colors and more detailed designs.

Greige Wood Plank Porcelain Tile for flooring

Manufactured in Italy, these tiles embody superior quality and style. With a PEI rating of 4, they are suitable for both residential and moderate commercial traffic, ensuring longevity in your bathroom’s design. The pressed edges facilitate easier installation, while the tile’s less than 0.50 percent water absorption rate makes it ideal for indoor use. This tile brings the authentic warmth of wood with the practical benefits of porcelain, making it a perfect choice for modern, functional bathroom aesthetics in Kirkland.

Viviano Linear Glass Mosaic: A Spark of Brilliance in Kirkland Bathroom Remodeling

The Viviano Linear Glass Mosaic tile, in its vibrant blue color and 12 x 12-inch size, adds a dazzling touch to our Kirkland bathroom remodeling projects.

Linear glass mosaic for decorative accents in our bathroom project

With its polished finish and rectified edges, this glass mosaic creates a sleek, high-gloss look. Its linear shape can visually expand a smaller room, enhancing the sense of space. Ideal for shower walls, this tile serves as both a decorative and practical choice. It is water-resistant, although not suitable for shower floors or radiant heat use. Meanwhile, the Veronique Vetro Linear Glass Mosaic adds a dynamic, luxurious feel to bathrooms. Its presence makes it a standout feature in modern designs.

Custom Touches: Hexagonal Mosaic and Creative Baseboards in Kirkland Bathrooms

In our Kirkland bathroom remodels, custom touches make all the difference. Custom shower base with a linear drain features hexagonal mosaic tiles, introducing a geometric elegance and bespoke charm to our bathroom. This unique shower base shape not only adds an artistic flair but also enhances the bathroom’s overall design aesthetic. And speaking of custom showers, the attention to detail extends beyond tilework in our Kirkland bathroom remodel. The shower enclosure features a custom-ordered glass with a hinged door design, which not only amplifies the visual spaciousness but also reflects our commitment to personalized, functional aesthetics. This tailored glasswork complements the bespoke feel of the space, marrying clarity with quality.

custom tiled shower base with custom shower glass

For the baseboards, we ingeniously repurposed the same Soft Greige Wood Plank Porcelain tiles used for the flooring installation. We created custom baseboards by cutting the tiles to a height of 4.5 inches. This ensured that they seamlessly integrate with the floor, resulting in a cohesive and polished look. This creative use of materials exemplifies our commitment to innovative and personalized design in bathroom remodeling.

Tile baseboards. Floor tile pieces for baseboard solution.

Vanity Excellence in Kirkland Bathroom Remodel

A Tailored Touch: The Art of Custom Vanity Installation in Our Kirkland Bathroom Project

Our bathroom remodeling project in Seattle included a custom vanity. The owner selected a warm gray finish that complements the modern aesthetic of the bathroom.

custom vanity Seattle Project by BRV Remodeling Inc.

Additionally, the vanity boasts two undermounted Kohler sinks, which add a touch of elegance and high functionality. The undermount design offers a seamless look, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Precision Plumbing Adaptation

To accommodate the new vanity, we altered the plumbing configuration. This ensured a perfect fit and flawless operation of the sinks. Our team employed precise techniques to adjust the plumbing pipes, demonstrating our commitment to quality and attention to detail. As a result, the vanity’s integration into the bathroom’s layout is both practical and visually appealing.

Synchronized Elegance: Harmonizing Design Elements in Kirkland Bathroom Remodel

The choice of vanity is harmonious with the other design elements in the bathroom, including a large LED mirror that not only amplifies the light but also adds depth to the space. It resonates with the tile work, in texture and color, creating a cohesive look. Proud of our work in transforming this master bathroom into a sanctuary, we’re equally passionate about reinventing kitchen spaces. Discover our approach to kitchen remodeling that blends aesthetics with practicality. This particular vanity was chosen to balance the room’s ambiance, with the LED mirror’s modern glow complementing its substantial yet refined presence. Together, they anchor the bathroom’s design, providing storage, style, and illuminative elegance.

Each detail in the vanity installation was approached with care, including the precise alignment of the drawers. The seamless integration of the sinks into the vanity also received our focused attention. These meticulous efforts showcase the high standards of our bathroom remodeling services in the Kirkland area.

Refined Flow: Kohler Fixtures’ Symphony in Kirkland Bathroom Remodel

Kohler’s Elegance in Every Drop

Our Kirkland bathroom remodeling project elevated elegance with a selection of Kohler plumbing trims and fixtures. The sinks are graced with two Kohler faucets, chosen for their seamless blend with the vanity’s design. Each faucet showcases Kohler’s commitment to aesthetics and durability. The graceful flow of water from these faucets enhances the daily routine, adding a luxurious touch to the simplest of acts.

The Centerpiece of Relaxation: Freestanding Tub Filler

A freestanding tub filler by Kohler stands as the centerpiece of relaxation in this newly remodeled space. Its sleek design and polished performance transform every bath into a spa-like experience. The filler’s architectural silhouette is a nod to modern design, while its functionality speaks to Kohler’s commitment to comfort and convenience in bathroom solutions.

A Shower System That Sings

The shower system is nothing short of a masterpiece. We installed a Kohler wall-mounted showerhead alongside a hand-held counterpart, both designed to provide a shower experience that feels tailor-made. The handheld head, adjustable on a sliding rail, offers versatility and ease, ensuring a perfect shower experience for every family member’s preference in this complete Kirkland bathroom renovation.

The Ultimate in Comfort: Kohler Toilet and Tub

No bathroom is complete without the essentials. This remodel includes a Kohler toilet that exemplifies sleek design and peak performance. Alongside it, the Kohler tub invites serene moments, its contours designed for full-body relaxation. Together, they set the standard for comfort in bathroom fittings, blending seamlessly into the refined aesthetic of the space.

The Harmony of Fixtures in Our Bathroom Remodeling Project in Kirkland

Shower fixtures, Kohler toilet, Towel warmer

In this Kirkland bathroom transformation, every detail counts, including the selection of each Kohler fixture, which serves with unparalleled reliability. With such high-quality installations, the concern of future water damage can be significantly mitigated, offering peace of mind alongside sophistication. Moreover, these Kohler elements contribute significantly to the room’s visual harmony. Their presence not only enhances the cohesiveness of the design but also invites a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring the space remains as functional as it is elegant. For more on safeguarding your home, explore our water damage services.

Warmth Underfoot: The NuHeat Advantage in Kirkland Bathroom Remodels

Innovative Heating Solutions

For over 25 years, NuHeat has been the go-to choice for contractors seeking reliable and easy-to-install floor heating systems​​. In our Kirkland bathroom remodels, we incorporate NuHeat’s advanced technology to deliver the comfort our clients deserve. The flexibility of their cable kits allows us to tailor the heating to the specific dimensions and shapes of each bathroom​​.

Leading-Edge Thermostat Control

Control is at the fingertips with NuHeat’s wifi-enabled thermostats, which are not only intuitive and easy to use but also aesthetically versatile, fitting any decor​​. These smart thermostats, compatible with the Google Assistant®, allow our clients in Kirkland to monitor energy usage and adjust settings for optimal warmth and efficiency.

BRV Remodeling: Your Trusted Bathroom Remodeler

At BRV Remodeling, we are proud to be your trusted bathroom contractor, integrating cutting-edge solutions like NuHeat’s radiant floor heating into our projects. Our expertise ensures that your bathroom remodel in Kirkland not only looks exquisite but also offers the unmatched comfort of evenly distributed, energy-efficient floor heat.

A Grateful Finale: Celebrating the Artistry of Kirkland’s Bathroom Elegance

In concluding this showcase, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for entrusting BRV Remodeling with their vision. As we at the end of the completion of this bathroom project, we also invite you to explore the art of transformation in other areas of your home. Discover the elegance and functionality we bring to kitchen spaces with our recently completed Seattle Kitchen Remodeling project. Our success is also a testament to the quality of our suppliers, as their exceptional products have been instrumental in bringing this project to life. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to craft this serene sanctuary in Kirkland, where every detail resonates with the luxury and comfort of modern living.