Kitchen Renovation Timeline & How Long Should the Average Kitchen Remodeling Take.

Average kitchen remodeling projects between 5-8 weeks; however, the total time to remodel a kitchen with larger spaces, that includes wall demolition and changes of the floor plan will fall between  10 -18 weeks.

Kitchen Remodeling Planing

A kitchen is the headquarter of any home, and remodeling a kitchen would mean shutting the headquarter down for revamping. However, the temporary shutdown wouldn’t matter one bit after you get to witness the beautiful transformation your kitchen will eventually get.

Despite that, there is no denying the fact that the process of remodeling a kitchen can be messy, overwhelming, and can disrupt the normal functioning of your home.

Unsurprisingly, anyone would want to know how long it would take to remodel a kitchen before deciding on getting it done. It is hard to pin down an exact number of days or weeks but the scope and complexity of your remodeling plans would primarily decide how much time it would take to execute them.

The time needed to renovate your kitchen would be between 4 and 6 weeks if you:

  • don’t make significant changes on the existing footprint of the kitchen.
  • are not planning to change or add plumbing and electrical points.
  • choose available and standard cabinets, countertops, and materials.

On the contrary, a kitchen remodeling can take three to five months if you:

  • change the layout of the kitchen entirely.
  • shift areas from one place in the house to the other which would require city permits as well as board approvals.
  • order imported or custom-made cabinets, flooring, and countertops.

However, if you choose to make only small and cosmetic changes to your kitchen, they can be finished in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Go in for a complete kitchen makeover.

Complete kitchen makeovers would entail changing everything from floor to countertops and cabinets to installing new appliances and finishing. This automatically translates into managing and coordinating multiple parties as well as several moving parts. According to our experts, this could take anywhere from three to five months. But it will definitely reduce the timeframe if you order everything through one contractor.

The kitchen remodeling time-frame varies as per requirements greatly.

Here is a compilation of data that will help you estimate the time needed for your kitchen remodeling.

Task Time Estimate Comments
Planning Depends on you Time taken for planning depends on you. It can happen anywhere between days and years. It depends on the scope of changes and your preferences.
Finding a Contractor Depends on you Before you finalize on a contractor take into consideration their reviews and referrals other than meetings with them. Do not forget to consider the kitchen remodeling cost determination and the time frame they can finish the work in.
Initial Design Process 1-3 days This again depends on you primarily. Before finalizing anything think over what is it that you want to do.
Final Design Process 1-4 weeks This depends on how clear you are about what you want and the scope of changes you need to get done.
Ordering Product 1-2 months Choose and order the products, appliances, and materials needed for the new kitchen in time. You may need to return or customize them which would need even more time.
Demolition and Structural Changes 2-3 days to 2-3 months Do take into account the time needed to remove/demolition the existing kitchen. For bigger changes, like moving a wall or making a window in one, more time would be needed.
Plumbing and Electrical Changes 2-4 days to 2 weeks You can change the position of your sink, appliances, and stove and get plumbing and electrical changes done accordingly.
Painting 2-3 days Get the paint done before installing the finished cabinets. It is easier and saves the cabinets from staining.
Flooring 1-2 days The time taken in floor installation depends on:

·         The type of flooring

·         Whether you will install the floors yourself or hire a professional

·         The size of your kitchen and floor

Cabinets 2-4 days The time taken to fit in the cabinets also depends on whether you install them yourselves or hire a professional.
Countertop Measurements 1 day Make sure that you book the countertop measurement vendor well in time to avoid any delays.
Appliance Installation Part-1 1-2 days This involves the installation of all built-in appliances that can be fitted without any hindrance from countertop installation later on.
Install Lighting 1-2 days This would include ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights, and workspace lights.
Countertop Fabrication 1-4 weeks This stage does not involve any installation. You only wait for the countertops to get fabricated. Time taken for this would vary based on the material you choose.
Countertop Installation 1-2 days Once the countertops are delivered, they will be ready to fit in the kitchen.
Backsplash Install 1-2 days The duration for installing this would also vary following your choices of material and design.
Appliances Installation Part-2 1-2 days This would incorporate the installation of the sink and all the remaining appliances not affected by countertop installation.
Carpentry Finishing 2-4 days The timeline for this depends on your design and pending details. This usually includes floor trim, toe tick area, cabinet adjustments, hardware etc.
Total time taken 3-6 Months

It can be concluded that in some cases a kitchen remodeling project can take from 3-6 months to be executed.

Bonus Tips: Kitchen Remodeling made Easy

We have elaborated some more on the progression of the process of kitchen remodeling for your convenience:

Remove and Demolish:

 We start by removing or demolishing the existing kitchen.

Again, depending on the scope of remodeling this might entail removing existing cabinets, floors, appliances and more. The process might take a couple of days.


This is an important stage for kitchen remodeling as it helps mark where everything is. For instance, appliance power feeds to power outlets and plumbing sources.

Everything is marked and cut-sheets are added for the electrician.

Mechanical Installations:

This is the stage where the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical essentials are installed. This process would take approximately a week to be finished.

Drywall and Flooring:

Once the demolishing is done, the markings have been made, electrical installations made we start with the installation of drywall and the floor.

The drywall is prepped and installed after which the remodeling can be executed. The flooring might take about four days to finish if you opt for ceramic tile and up to a week in case of wooden flooring.

Counter Tops and Cabinets:

After the flooring, we finally move on to the installation of the new cabinet, countertops, and all things pretty. This also means that the messy part is almost done and we are nearing the end of the remodeling process.

The cabinets are fitted to see if there are any gaps which are then corrected. If you choose to get granite slabs installed, they take ten days to be fabricated after which they are created, delivered, and installed in your kitchen.

Finishing Stage:

With almost everything in place we begin giving them fine touches, the hardwood floors are finished, the remaining plumbing fixtures are installed, backsplashes are done and painting is completed.

Final Fittings:

The kitchen is now almost ready to use. The final step involves installation and setting up of new electrical appliances after which your dream kitchen would finally be ready to use.

We would reiterate that the time taken for kitchen remodeling varies on every site with different requirements and scope. On average, it would take about six to eight weeks to refurbish and remodel a kitchen.

We hope the breakdown of the kitchen remodeling process that we have described would help you estimate of how much would your plan to remodel your kitchen take.

For further assistance, we have also compiled a list of tips useful for anyone who intends to get a kitchen remodeling done.


Begin by laying out a plan and taking note of everything that needs to be done from beginning to end. Make lists and note down everything that you need to.

A thorough and well thought out plan of action will help you through the trickiest situations and will also streamline the process of kitchen remodeling.

A remodeling project that is planned to the t with the assistance of professionals is very much likely to be finished in time and within the set budget.

Place Orders in time:

 Make sure all the orders for new fittings, materials, and appliances are placed well in time. Also, ensure that your remodeling team/builder/contractor has all the specifications and directions before they get to work.

Drawings for Clarity:

 Some experts also recommend getting drawings and if possible, 3D renderings of the proposed kitchen design so that you and the builders have a clearer picture of what the kitchen would look like.

Make Alternate Arrangements:

Also, after taking all of the above into consideration, calculate the number of weeks or months during which you wouldn’t be able to cook in your kitchen and make plans for how to get food in those days accordingly.

Either be prepared to eat microwavable, canned food or take-out meals. Setting up a temporary sink, refrigerator, and gas range in another part of the house would also be a good idea.

Do not forget to make alternate arrangements for drinking water as well for instance you could store bottled water for as long as necessary. Storing paper plates and disposable utensils would also be helpful.

Do not Rush:

 You must be in touch with your designer and contractors throughout all the stages of the remodeling process. However, you must not rush things and pressurize them to speed things ups.

This would only lead to errors and botched up work and rectifying that will eventually delay the completion even more. Rushing often leads to more delay and less efficiency.

Avoid Changes Later:

Thoroughly plant out every aspect of the process so that you do not have to make any changes midway as that would only complicate and delay the process. Do not forget to check if you need a permit for remodeling as permit rules vary in different cities.

Stick to your Budget:

Decide on the scope of remodeling for your kitchen, allocate a clear and realistic budget, and finalize a new design for it.

Drafting a budget that has the scope for handling contingencies is important. However, sticking to the budget as far as possible is also important.

Question your kitchen remodeling contractor:

Do not hesitate to clear out any doubts or questions that you have with your contractor. You must understand what you are getting into.

Involve your family:

Sit down with all your family members and discuss all details with them. They might make some useful suggestions and also share the load of responsibilities that will come along the way.

Stay Positive:

Do not forget to stay positive and enjoy the process. There are bound to be some arguments with your family or contractors and things may not fall in place all the time.

However, do not let that bog you down. Take it one day at a time and remind yourself that the resulting transformation would be worth it whenever the going gets tough.

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