Stress Free Flooring Installation

At BRV Remodeling Inc. we believe that flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room and is essential for creating beautiful spaces. The floor may be below your feet but it commands attention like nothing else in a room. The floor also happens to invariably be the most utilized aspect of any room.

If chosen and installed correctly the floor can bring warmth, color, and life to any room while also making it more livable. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that if men are judged by their shoes then a room can be judged by its floor.

Floor Installation and Repair by BRV Remodeling.

BRV Remodeling Inc. is a trusted home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeler in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Whether you’re renovating a single room or overhauling your entire home, googling for a reliable “general contractor near me” is essential for a successful project. Our expert services are the ultimate solution for floor installation or repair in your home, office or any other space.


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Flooring Contractor in Tacoma – Seattle area.

How To Chose Flooring?

The right floor has to have a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Before you make your pick, here are some factors that should be taken into consideration:

Choosing flooring at a showroom

  • Space: Not all types of floors are ideal for a small space. For instance: carpet and hardwood floors aren’t the right choices for small spaces.
  • Family: If you have a family that has small children and pets then you must choose spill-proof, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain flooring.
  • Budget: Budget constraints are an important consideration in any project. You must choose the flooring that would fit into your budget.
  • Extra requirements: Check up on the extra requirements a particular type of flooring may require such as underlayment or pads. These requirements might spike your budget.
  • Aesthetics: Different types of flooring is suitable for different spaces depending on utility as well as other stylistics aspects of that room. Therefore, decide on a type of floor according to the aesthetics of a room.

Types of Flooring

Whether you need complete floor makeover throughout your house or repair in a small section we can do both equally efficiently for you. Technicians at BRV Remodeling Inc. are trained to install and repair tile, laminate, hardwood and LVP floors amongst others.

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Flooring Contractor in Tacoma – Seattle area.

Baseboard Installation And Replacement

Any floor installation would be incomplete without baseboard installation. A baseboard, also known as skirting or mopboard, runs along the base of the wall, where it meets the floor, throughout the perimeter of a room.

Baseboard is important as it helps in protecting the wall against abrasions and damages from furniture or floor mopping. Besides, it also serves as a decorative molding which accentuates both the floor and the wall.

Baseboard can be made of wood, plastic, vinyl, stone or any other material depending on the type and material of the floor. It is either glued, nailed or screwed to the wall.

Our specialists, at BRV Remodeling Inc. will help you from choosing the right material to installing it perfectly for you. Call (253)317-9445 for a free estimate.

Repair and Refinishing Services

For those considering a renovation beyond the floor, our expertise extends to full room transformations. Discover the possibilities with our Kitchen Remodeling services, where we blend design with functionality. While we provide installation of new different types of flooring, we can also repair and refinish hardwood flooring, making your floor as good as new. At BRV Remodeling Inc. we provide solutions for repair, refinish or complete floor removal and installation.

Floor Repair

Our specialists meet the following repair requirements amongst others:

  • Tile Floor Repair: Other than repairing broken tiles with matching and even patterned tiles we also provide technicians for grout cleaning of old tile floors.
  • Wood Floor Repair & Floor Refinish: Dents, stains or scratches can be removed from hardwood floors.
  • Laminate Floor Repair & Renewal means replacement of old laminate floor planks where it is necessary often Laminate floor repair requires reinstallation of all laminate floor.
  • We can also repair other damages such as water damage, dents, stains, and loose boards on different types of floors.

Hardwood Refinishing

Repair and refinish scarred and worn hardwood floors to perfection.

  • Top coating: Minimal damage or preliminary stages of damage on your precious hardwood floors can be repaired with a top coating of polish. The floor would be all renewed with all the shine and shine.
  • Single-board replacement: We will spot gaps and damages on hardwood floors. We also replace defective boards and patch up holes in the hardwood flooring were necessary.
  • Floor Sanding: Sanding will restore the original finishing of the floor while also levelling it in the process.
  • Sealant Application: we will fix small gaps with sealant application. The sealant is customized to match it to the floor and keep the repair area as invisible as possible.

Baseboard painting or refinish

Floor is incomplete without baseboards, we also provide baseboard installation and baseboard painting services. We will paint, stain or replace old baseboards with new MDF or Wood baseboards.

Why Choose BRV Remodeling Inc as Your Flooring Contractor?

Are you overwhelmed with too many options to choose from? Do not worry, we are here to offer solutions to all your floor installation and repair woes.

  • Affordable pricing: BRV Remodeling Inc. offers the most affordable prices for floor installation and repair services in Washington, Seattle-Tacoma area.
  • Regular Updates: Our team would be in touch with you and keep you updated about every important step of the process.
  • Experience and Skill: With more than twenty years’ experience in the construction business and a team of skilled technicians we are one of the best in the business.
  • Quality: We use only the finest quality material in all our projects.

Call us at (253)317-9445 and we will help you beginning from choosing the right flooring for your space to installing and finishing it.