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Are you getting ready to start a new bathroom remodeling project? Is this your first time going through a home renovation or refurbishment? Although an exciting chapter of your life, it is imperative that it should be approached the right way.

Every individual wants a bathroom that would be a reflection of their personal style and, at the same time, can deliver the comfort one requires. However, aside from that, it is also crucial to have the right fixtures and amenities, ensuring functionality and value for money.

Correspondingly, through careful planning and choosing a fantastic design with BRV Remodeling Inc. you can have it all. As a result, here are some of the best tips that could turn your bathroom remodeling dream into reality.



Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Meticulous Planning to Remodel a Bathroom

Before you ring the bell for a bathroom remodeling contractor, you should first talk with everyone who will be using the space. You can discuss the fixtures and finishes you want and the budget you are willing to shell out. As you plan for a budget, the general rule of thumb involves creating a buffer because you never know if there will be some unexpected problems that might arise later on.

Most en suite bathrooms are a part of the master bedroom, but there may be exceptions depending on the layout of your home. En suite bathrooms are meant to be more private spaces than guest bathrooms, which in turn allows individuals to put a more intimate or creative touch to this space. Moreover, they ensure convenience due to the proximity to the bedroom, helping you maintain a comfortable amount of privacy as well as luxury.

Usually situated on the first floor of any house, powder rooms are often near the entryway. Also known as half baths, they come with a toilet and sink to ensure functionality. However, unlike regular bathrooms, powder rooms don’t generally come with a bathtub or a shower. If you plan to build a custom powder room from scratch, you should make space near your entryway or off of one of the guest rooms in your home.

A recent consumer report suggested that most homeowners prefer durable bathroom flooring over style. However, you can ensure customization by picking up a floor tile that would best blend with the design of the place you have picked. From porcelain and ceramic to stone and wooden tiles, you can pick from plenty of water-resistant choices to make your bathroom flooring look pleasing to the eyes.

You can also include a floor heating system that can be laid under the tiles in the shower. Not only does the feature ensure comfortability in the ambient air temperature, but the warmth of hot tiles on a cold day could be a nice change of pace. However, you must ensure that the heating system you choose is compatible with showers and is resistant to water damages. Those interested in installing a heated floor can consult a professional at BRV Bathroom Remodeling for a quote.

Every bathroom must entail overhead lighting. And as far as ambient options are concerned, you can always consider using sunken track lighting, frosted glass fixtures, or rice paper. Likewise, perimeter lighting can also create both soft, ambient glow as well as functional lighting. It is also highly recommended to consider using pendant lighting. Utilizing the idea can allow the scattering of light into the direction that it gives the illusion of a stellar centerpiece ceiling.

Although an elegant touch on faucets would make your bathroom look incredible, you will never make a bad choice once you consider installing luxurious bathroom lighting. Likewise, well-designed vanity lighting is capable of eliminating any shadows on faces. A combination of LED recessed lights with wall sconces beside or over the mirror is also a great idea because whenever it is too intense, you can always use the dimmer switches to adjust brightness.

Spacious bathroom with a limited budget

If your budget is limited and you cannot extend the designated space for your bathroom, do not worry. You can still give the impression that space is a little bigger through the use of some strategies specifically designed for that purpose. For example, pedestal sinks are primarily used for making the room look more spacious. Apart from this, clear glass shower doors are preferable to shower curtains to mark the bathtub as it would block the light and make it seem more enclosed. Or, you can also consider using a big mirror as an alternative to a small medicine cabinet. Doing something similar to these ideas can make your bathroom look visually double the space around your vanity area.

Importance of proper ventilation

Have you ever noticed that some glass panels do not go all the way to the top of the bathroom ceiling? There is a very prominent reason behind that. It is so because a lot of experts believe that keeping frameless glass installations an inch below the ceiling allows more air circulation inside the bathroom. While ventilation is not a part of creative process of a bathroom remodel, but it is necessary to remember that there are more regulations to follow to ensure proper ventilation in your bathroom.

  • Most bathroom remodeling requires some form of ventilation. It can be either through a centralized system or the installation of a window.
  • Shower doors, panels, and screens are required to leave adequate space for installation.
  • It often so happens that the steam that builds up during a hot shower can permeate the air to the point where it becomes difficult for individuals to breathe. As a result, during a shower, you will need proper ventilation for the air to escape the place to ensure fresh circulation. Custom shower solutions include installing a glass transom that can be titled open to release steam and other particles in the air.
  • Adding fans to the ceiling can further boost your bathroom’s ventilation capabilities.
  • However, if you already have a fan installed, you can consider adding a second one depending on your bathroom size and other specifications.

Ensuring proper ventilation not only complies with code but is also better for your health.

Benefits of Remodeling a Bathroom

Considering that the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most widely recognized rooms to redesign, homebuyers will first look at these rooms. They quite often check your washroom as thoroughly as some other room in the house. They will check the water pressure. They will fit around the toilets. They will check the lighting and regular daylight that comes through toward the beginning of the day. They will take a look at everything, so you better have a “goodness” factor before putting it available.

Regarding the bathroom, even the littlest change and upgrade can have a great deal of interest. Not exclusively would it be able to turn into a position of retreat and relaxation, a decent bathroom redesign will guarantee every one of your tools and plumbing is working appropriately and proficiently. It will likewise increase the storage of your washroom and help in increment of your home value.

To schedule a consultation with remodeling contractors and specialists for special ensuites and washroom rebuilds, you can contact BRV Remodeling Inc. Apart from this, the advantages of having a bathroom remodeled include:

Any real estate agent will reveal to you that the primary thing home purchasers search for when they’re keen on a house is the kitchen and the bathrooms. In any event, improving some surface styles like new ledges, tub encompasses, upgrade taps, and giving the room a new layer of paint can help pull in expected purchasers and improve resale value. Figure out how to revamp a bathroom on a tight spending plan.

Need to build your home’s value significantly more? Consider adding an ensuite or extra bathroom. If you just have one bathroom in your home, adding a subsequent three-part bathroom will dramatically raise the market estimation of your home. In case you don’t know your home as space, contact the master bathroom remodel experts at BRV remodeling Inc. for an interview.

Buying energy-efficient installations, similar to low-flow toilets and showerheads, has now gotten too savvy. In case you’re worried about losing water pressure, the distinction you’ll see between your more established items and new energy-efficient ones is extraordinarily unpretentious and scarcely observable. You can likewise trade out your old lighting with energy-efficient LED lights. Not exclusively will these green updates assist you with lessening your effect on the climate, they will also help you get a good deal on your month to month service bills. Regardless of whether you are practicing environmental awareness or hoping to save some energy, shower remodeling with energy-proficient faucets, showerheads, or lighting will correctly put you.

Another critical advantage of remodeling your bathroom is the additional storage. As bathrooms get bigger and bigger, mortgage holders decide to include other cupboards and storage places to clean up the home’s remainder. Some even spot the washer and dryer in the bathroom. Additional extra room permits mortgage holders to clean up their counterparts and store other towels, materials, and different toiletries that would make some way or another be shown for anyone passing by to view.

Besides, if you end up with additional cupboards or storerooms somewhere else in the home, eliminate the storage area in your bathroom. If the average individual goes through eighteen months of their life in the bathroom, you ought to have the opportunity to move about and relax serenely.

Bathrooms are inclined to mishaps; however, many of these issues can be fixed if you do a smidgen of rebuilding. Regardless of whether it’s placed in the smoother tile that isn’t broken and fragmenting or ensuring that old, dim drywall that may be creating mold gets dried out and taken out, a redesigned bathroom will, in general, be much more secure than the old variant. This doesn’t imply that you need to introduce handrails on the shower or put non-slip flooring outside the tub, yet if you need to do that, at that point, those are both acceptable choices for making your bathroom a more secure spot to clean up.

As time passes by and conditions change, your needs as a property holder change as well. For example, the bathroom you once adored may demonstrate unsuitable when kids become part of the image. Or on the other hand, by a similar token, if you’re anticipating retirement, you might be anxious to improve the bathroom appropriate for your present phase of life. There’s nothing of the sort as a bathroom that is ideal for everybody—the critical question to pose to yourself. The bathroom is the thing that would be ideal for you at this moment, and for the following 20 years? If you don’t know, call a contractor to examine it, or go online to plan a free in-home conference with BRV Remodelling INC.

Why get your bathroom remodeled?

You may feel that a rebuild or redesign will be costly. The facts confirm that these things can get somewhat expensive, particularly if you need a few unique subcontractors. However, even when the cost is high, you can reap a decent profit for your venture over the long haul. As should be obvious, you don’t need to go all out for your remodel. You can do little things or only each item in turn. There isn’t anything amiss with a moderate remodel. You can get new faucets introduced or change the showerhead. You can find a paint line of work on the walls or add tone and enrichments.

You don’t need to use up every last cent to make your washroom cleaner, more effective, and better looking. However, if you are thinking about a complete overhaul, talk with an expert. It’s significant that someone who realizes what they’re doing should be encouraging you on the most ideal approach to induce improvements to your bathroom. There isn’t anything truly preventing you from the beginning. Do some examination, see what is out there, and get to it.

Shower Leak Problems & Repair

As with any kind of water leak in the house, a shower leak can result in a substantial amount of damage if not rectified soon. Often, shower leaks are caused by bad fitting when the shower was first installed. If the shower tray is not completely level or the tray and the tiles were not fitted in the right order, leaks can occur with time. Moreover, shower leaks can also be caused by silicone grout’s failure between the shower tray and the tiles (or between the tray and the plughole) or cracked tile grout.

A shower leak repair can be challenging to resolve. To ensure that the job is done right and prevent extensive harm to your home, hiring professionals is the right thing to do.

Shower Remodeling

A leaking shower is one of the most maddening things in a home, and all homeowners would like to avoid this at any cost. If you do not rectify your leaking shower in time, you may be up for shower remodeling. It is crucial that you spend time mulling over the kind of shower remodel you want before you call BRV Remodeling contractors.

Walk-in showers are all the shower remodeling rage today and for good reasons – they are spacious, stunning and accessible. They are also easy to clean and on top of all, they are gorgeous in any bathroom, irrespective of your style. Here are some walk-in shower design ideas:

Not every walk-in shower is completely open. Some include curtains, partial walls made of glass, tile or other material. These ensure privacy and prevent the water from escaping the shower.
Is your bathroom dark? Consider a walk-in shower with glass doors or complete option to make it look brighter.
Does your bathroom and shower area have modern décor? Having a walk-in shower with a minimalist appearance may be apt.

Get the Bathroom You Envision with BRV Remodeling Inc.

Bathroom remodeling is a way to give your home a fresh look and feel. When the job is done right, bathroom remodeling can have a salubrious return on investment. Here at BRV Remodeling Inc., our team of professional contractors is ready to achieve that for you by translating your ideas into functional reality. We can handle any bathroom remodel project from minor adjustments to a major bathroom overhaul. We will transform your existing bathroom into a space that meets your needs and your vision.

Some of our bathroom renovation services include tile floor installation, new shower installation, new faucet installation, mirror or vanity installation and more!!

Bathroom remodel is a big project! Once you hire BRV Remodeling Inc., you can have a great peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands. We will do our best to reduce our meddling with your daily schedule while we work.

So, are you ready to give your bathroom a face-lift? Request a free estimate today!

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